the journey

life is a wonderful journey...
I feel blessed to have been given the gift of magical hands that help me turn my visions into reality. 

 elfin alchemy magical hands

Going with the flow, feeling all the twists and turns along the way, as they bestow their unique magic and deepen my knowledge to become who I am and enable the creations I'm drawn to make... inspired by the elements, natures seasons, ancient symbols and mysteries, I explore ideas, experiment, develop them and they blossom into items of timeless beauty that will hopefully give you joy and be a pleasure to wear for years to come. 

I love working with a kaleidoscope of gorgeous colours and connecting with their power to uplift the spirit. elfin alchemy jewellery helps brighten up your outfits to give you a bit of a buzz.  

It has cast its spell on me, I'm enchanted by how light plays with it, enhancing its colours and creating such brilliant luminescence. I definitely feel like an alchemist experimenting when I'm working together with it to capture some of its magic to help you sparkle.

"My aim is always to create wearable pieces of jewel art, that are bewitching and beautiful, both comfortable to wear and a bit different!"

You become part of my journey when you purchase a piece of elfin alchemy jewellery... it'd be so lovely if you want to come along the path with me on my travels via social media or signing up for my news updates below. 

yours Sam Rowena, elfin alchemy x