elfin alchemy 2023 highlights


What a relief that 2023 was a better year for me - very productive too - and I’m able to begin 2024 on a bit of a high…

My highlights of 2023:

  • Creating a range of new wirework jewellery designs inspired by the art of the ancient Anglo-Saxons, Celts, and Byzantines, then teaching these designs on a jewellery making weekend masterclass at the British Library in London. 
  • Whilst in London, visiting the British Library treasures gallery to see their Illuminated Manuscripts and spending many hours being fascinated by ancient artworks at the British Museum. 
  • Further developing my new jewellery collections; including vine and byzantine scroll style wirework, and celestial charm earring collections and adding them to my elfin alchemy web shop.
  • Creating a new darker look for elfin alchemy, updating my website with better photographs, and revamping my stall display with many new upcycled pieces.
  • Being interviewed and featured in a 2-page spread in the Ribble Valley Live magazine
  • Enjoying great talks and buying many interesting books whilst at the Mysterious Earth Conference, my 5th year of being there!
  • Taking part in some new super Lancashire events and my work getting lots of love, with many of my latest pieces heading off to new homes

elfin alchemy 2023 interview in Ribble Valley Live magazine

See more photos on my jewellery artist blog.

I feel very thankful that I was blessed with a much better year in 2023, after all the health difficulties I faced in 2021-22. In one of my upcoming blogs, I’ll share some of the things that helped me through this difficult time.

There still wasn’t enough time to fit everything I wanted to do into 2023, so some things were postponed and became part of my 2024 tasks.  These I’ll share with you in my next blog post…

Thank you for being part of my journey, wishing you sparkles and hugs my lovelies, Rowena xx