• 2024

    Don't you find there's something cathartic about writing lists?

    I have to admit I love writing 'to do' lists and crossing things off the list when I've accomplished tasks is even better, especially if they're jobs I didn't really want to do and they've been travelling from list to list for a while. That really gives me a wonderful sense of achievement... 

    Putting pen to paper and seeing my tasks written down helps motivate me. 
    I do one at the start of each year, and a fortnightly or monthly task list with my main work jobs which I write in a notebook and review each month, then I have an ongoing house task list and a 2-3 day task list.  

  • 2024 my focus words


    Our ‘word’ or ‘words’ of the year, can help us to focus on something we want to achieve, or need more of in our lives.

    I’ve created focus words for a couple of years now and feel it helps me to think about what I want to focus my intention on for the year ahead, deciding where I’m going and what I want or need.

    read on to discover my focus words of 2024...

  • elfin alchemy 2023 highlights

    The elfin alchemy highlights of 2023 

    What a relief that 2023 was a very productive and much better year, which helps me begin 2024 on a bit of a high…

    From developing many new bewitching designs and teaching back down in London at the British Library, to visiting the awe-inspiring ancient artworks at the British Museum and further honing my 'darker' look for elfin alchemy.

  • My jewellery making masterclass inspired by the art of our ancient ancestors – part 2

    It still gives me a 'wow' feeling, being given another opportunity to teach at the British Library in London, this time a 2-day jewellery making masterclass inspired by the British Library’s gold exhibition and illuminated manuscripts. I feel lucky to be able to combine all of my passions; the art of our ancient ancestors, jewellery making and design, and it puts my many years of teaching to good use too.

    There's heaps of work involved though, come with me behind the scenes in this blog post, as I share with you some of my preparation that goes into my teaching, before I actually get in front of the class...

  • My jewellery making masterclass inspired by the art of our ancient ancestors – part 1

    It still gives me a buzz and feels quite surreal that at the end of March I was teaching back down in London again, this time a 2-day jewellery making masterclass inspired by the British Library’s gold exhibition and illuminated manuscripts.

    I feel so lucky to be able to share my passion for jewellery making and the art of our ancient ancestors, and put my design background and teaching skills to use in such an amazing place.

  • the elfin alchemy flower design and how it links to witchcraft

    I create with wire pretty 6-petal flower earrings, and was quite stunned to discover all the symbolism and history behind their design. 

    The 6-petal flower symbol used in medieval times was believed to have magical powers of protection, and when it was carved onto buildings it would help protect the dwelling and their inhabitants from witchcraft and evil.


  • My elfin alchemy flower design story

    Did you know I initially created my elfin alchemy flower jewellery design for a project whilst learning silversmithing part-time at Bolton college in 2006. It was inspired by a bracelet design I came across in an American jewellery making book, I was particularly drawn to the 6-petal flower shape.

    Read more about my journey in my blog post...

  • elfin alchemy pop-up exhibition at the Pendle Heritage Centre

    I’m so looking forward to my elfin alchemy pop-up exhibition at the Pendle Heritage Centre this October half-term.

    It's such a magical place and the perfect venue for you to visit for a day out, especially if its raining. As you can spend some time learning about local history and the Pendle witches in the museum, find something lovely in the gift shop, have a coffee or eat lunch in the cafe overlooking the walled garden, then come by and visit me in the barn.

    It runs from: Saturday 23rd to Sunday 31st October 2021, 11-4pm

  • elfin alchemy website update

    It hadn't been my intention to create my own web shop as I was just going to use marketplace websites such as Etsy, but due to the corona-virus halting most of my events and closing the galleries where I sell my work, I decided last Summer to make a start on it. 
  • Hello my treasure seekers!

    Welcome to the elfin alchemy website.  I'm looking forward to sharing my bewitching beautiful jewellery designs and their stories with you.  Over t...