my journey

life is a wonderful journey...
my path to get here has been enhanced by the gift of many incredible experiences along the way and everything I have learnt comes in handy.

When I was 18, I headed off seeking adventures - wanting to see a bit of the world - and spent a few years working and travelling; inter-railing round Europe and Scandinavia, before heading further afield and backpacking around Australia, New Zealand and America. During this time I visited many wonderful places from Ayers Rock in Australia to the Nazca Lines in Peru and doing all sorts of work, from being an au-pair and a postie in Germany, a receptionist in Sydney to an office temp in London.

On returning to Lancashire I knew I wanted to do something creative and kind of fell into studying design / digital photography and working as a designer, followed a few years later by retraining to be a teacher and teaching in adult education.  

Treasure, I've always loved shells and am drawn to anything sparkly, beautiful beads, gemstones and glass. Even before I could wear earrings I had an obsession for unusual colourful earrings and I began making my own jewellery as a hobby, as it was a great way to switch off from computer work. Wanting to develop my jewellery making skills further, I studied silversmithing part-time for a few years and discovered my passion for working with wire. 

I love working with both copper and sterling silver wire, there is a lovely energy that I feel from manipulating the wire into ancient symbolic shapes. It's almost like connecting with another state of being - a meditative state of mind - occasionally I see a white light / aura glowing around my fingers when I'm working with the wire. It's pretty magical!

elfin alchemy

I'm bewitched by the beauty of glass... it seems like wizardry, the alchemy of experimenting with it to create amazingly luminescent wonders. My glass journey is ever evolving, seeing what beauties I can create with many of my original ideas coming to me in my dreams.  

Sacred spiritual symbols and places, have always drawn me towards them, I see such beauty in the trees and nature all around us. Over the years my spiritual awareness has intensified, accompanied by many unusual happenings, synchronicity's and sometimes seeing sparkles, colours, auras, and I try to bring this magical energy into everything I create.   

"My aim is always to create wearable pieces of jewel art, that are bewitching and beautiful, both comfortable to wear and a bit different!"

You become part of my journey when you purchase a piece of elfin alchemy jewellery... it'd be so lovely if you want to come along the path with me on my travels via social media or signing up for my news updates below. 

yours Sam Rowena, elfin alchemy x