privacy & cookies

privacy and cookies 


elfin alchemy wants to help you protect your privacy and does not disclose any of your information to third parties other than to help with the delivery of your items and to help with the design/layout of the website to improve your user experience. 

your information

In order to fulfill your orders it is necessary for elfin alchemy to collect some personal information about you, via shopify online orders, sign-up for news updates and our contact form. 

online orders

For your online orders, elfin alchemy needs your contact details (name, email and phone number) and delivery address, so that your order can be sent to you and a record of this information about your order is kept on file. 

When you buy from elfin alchemy your payment card details are collected by the secure checkout at shopify payments and these are kept private and not available to elfin alchemy. We do not hold or store this info. 

After you have made a purchase we keep a record of it, firstly to fulfill your order, but also to let you know occasionally of relevant elfin alchemy future offers. 


When you use the contact form or email elfin alchemy, a copy of your email is stored for our records on the email service, gmail. 

news updates 

If you subscribe to our news and offers updates email, we keep a record of your name and email address, so that you can receive elfin alchemy news and special offers once or twice a month. Your personal information will not be disclosed to third parties, apart from needing it for the 'Mailchimp' email service. You can unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time by sending an email, titled 'unsubscribe' to elfin alchemy (you will receive a confirmation email) or using the unsubscribe option given in the elfin alchemy news update.


elfin alchemy wants to help you have a great user experience - an easy to use website - when you visit our website your computer stores data in the form of cookies to help the website recognise our website and enable it to load up faster. 

What are cookies? 

They are simple text files, that contain a site name and unique user ID.
The first time you visit a website, a cookie is downloaded onto your phone / devise so that when you visit that website again, the stored cookie data recognises it. 

Cookies also helps elfin alchemy to better understand how you and our other visitors are using our website. Visitor statistics are collected by shopify to help us improve our website. We don't have have any adverts on this website and therefore don't collect your data to give to these 3rd parties.