My elfin alchemy flower design story

I didn’t have an inkling when I started on my creative journey with this flower design about its symbolism or history, and was pretty stunned when I discovered about its link to witchcraft.

Anyway, I’ll start back at the beginning and share with you first how my elfin alchemy flower journey began in this blog post.

In 2006 I was studying silver-smithing part-time at college back and whenever I was stuck with the piece I was working on and waiting for teacher assistance (quite often there’d be a long wait due to the class size) and I’d spend the time experimenting with wire.

In the classroom cupboard I’d found a jig pegboard and was teaching myself how to use it, then whilst browsing through an American jewellery magazine I came across a bracelet design with flower shapes that had been created with a jig. I’m not sure why I was drawn to this particular 6-petal flower shape, perhaps it was due to its simple symmetry?  

flower design inspiration

Or maybe it was something drawing me on this path…

You can read more the story and background of how I took this initial inspiration and developed it into my own elfin alchemy flower jewellery design in my longer blog post on my jewellery artist blog

elfin alchemy 6-petal flower earrings hand-sculpted in wire

Want to see some of the earrings I make with my elfin alchemy flower design. Take a look at my current collection of flower earrings

I make the six-petal flowers in healing copper wire enamelled in a range of enchanting colours, from golden yellow to pretty pink and purple shades, combined with sterling silver ear hooks. The flowers are partly made with my homemade jig - I’ve shared a photo of it in my jewellery artist blog post - and then hand sculpted.

In my next elfin alchemy blog post, I’ll be sharing with you more about how my elfin alchemy flower design links to witchcraft.

Thank you, my lovelies, for joining me on my creative journey, wishing you many sparkles, Sam Rowena x