The magnificent beauty of rainbows has always filled me with awe.

rainbow are believed to be bridges between heaven and earth

After heavy rainfall rainbows appear when the sun comes out and fill the sky with their vibrant colours. I love it when I see one, it always fill me with such joy and a feeling of being blessed. Rainbows appearing in the sky are a symbols of peace, harmony, unity and hope and for many ancient civilizations they signified the celestial bridge between sky (the land of the gods/spirits) and earth. 

We don't have to wait for the right rainy/sunny conditions for rainbows to appear outside we can also experience their magic with cut glass chandelier crystals. I love these crystals come alive in the sunshine giving us rainbow lights dancing around the room.

I've recycled the chandelier crystals from a vintage light fitting I've used for many years. Its cut glass lead crystals give stunning rainbows and they make great Christmas tree decorations, or like me you could use them as ornaments all year round and hang them on a twig tree or in the window. I've combined the chandelier crystals with Swarovski crystals in rainbow colours and they give you such brilliant sparkles, plus either a handmade coloured copper wire spiral, vintage crystal or other sparkly beads. They also come with a handmade hook. 

My collection of crystal decorations are available at my Christmas events

 recycled cut glass chandelier crystal rainbow decorations

Often my designs seem to come to me as if by magic... 

At the beginning of 2020, I bought some different, bigger hoops that didn't work with my normal hoop design - being hollow they clanged too much - and it prompted me to come up with something new and it got my creativity flowing. 

My rainbow beaded hoop design was an idea that came to me in the Summer one night whilst I was half asleep. I experimented with making it with different types of wire, beads and hoops and I was so happy with how they turned out. I've created these Swarovski crystal beauties in both gold and silver coloured copper wire with a choice of plated or sterling silver ear hooks. Am over the moon that they've gone down so well, some have already headed off to new homes and they've been getting lovely feedback. 

They make perfect gifts to tell someone you are thinking of them or if you just need a bit of rainbow magic to cheer yourself up and help you sparkle!